Project Description

Public Speaking

“All the great speakers were Bad speakers at first.”

Glossophobia – is the fear of speaking in public. It ranks higher over death and spiders! When a person stands up to speak, they are frozen by the 3 “C’s” of Fear, Complaint, Comparison and Criticism. “How do I start? What will I say? What do they think of me? ….. don’t worry, its not just you that suffers from extreme nerves and mind clutter.

Take a deep breath and Listen, Think, speak!

Public Speaking Training will help you bring your natural style to life and become a more confident, effective and engaging speaker.

What will you learn from your Public Speaking Skills Training?

  • Master the use of your own voice
  • Speak with confidence and overcome nerves and natural fears
  • Use the power of language
  • Structure your content to deliver powerful messages
  • Develop your own personal style to make a clear, memorable and entertaining speech
  • Connect with your audience using eye contact
  • Use stories and statistics to enhance your message
  • Deliver a speech with infectious energy
  • Know your body Language
  • Use audience participation to make your speech memorable
  • “See how other people see YOU”-review recorded video presentations
  • Understand The Communication “BRAIN”

“Make your Story Pay”

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