Project Description

Media Training

“Who ever Controls the Media Controls the Mind.”

Media interviews are not easy. Sitting in front of a TV camera or a radio studio microphone can be very daunting. Its difficult to appear natural, relaxed, authoritative, engaged, controlled and spontaneous, all at the same time! For some people, this comes naturally, but for most, it comes with professional media training.

Our one-to-one media skills training, is custom-designed for your needs. We’ll teach you how to maintain control of a media interview how to develop clear, engaging messages, and enhance your natural communication skills to help you deliver your message in a calm, confident and effective manner.

A full pre-brief is included to discuss issues affecting your organisation in order to develop practice interview questions for your on-camera training and video interviews followed by playback and analysis.

What will you learn at you Media Skills Training Session?

  • Journalists – what they think and what are they looking for?
  • How to make journalists print what you say.
  • Develop stories, statistics and soundbites.
  • Learn how to bridge and block questions.
  • Respond to difficult questions with short and easy to understand answers, while bridging to an experiential story.
  • Understand the difference between Personal Image and Personal Brand.
  • Use voice, tone, energy and enthusiasm.
  • Get the Headline you want from the Media.
  • What to expect in the studio.
  • How to calm your nerves.

Enjoy a safe environment that is both confidential and discreet, you can come to us or we can come to you, you decide!

“Which would you rather be? Prepared or Ambushed!”

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