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Does your Presentation feel more like a STRESSentation?






Good news! I eventually got to run the New York marathon last year, I realised that preparing for a marathon is a lot like preparing to make a good presentation. It needs planning, preparation, performance and most importantly, practice practice and more practice. The minutes put into muscles, turn into miles on the road and the practice put into presentations turns fear into confidence.

Glossophobia is the technical term for a severe fear of public speaking. You know the feeling, your mouth dries up, you begin to sweat in places you didn’t know you had sweat glands, your left leg begins to shake, your mind goes blank and your first word is  “……Um!”

Don’t worry you are not alone, over 75% of the population suffer from glossophobia.


5 Tips to deal with nerves.

1. Know your stuff, know your message. Know your opening

2. Practice out loud at least 10 times, record yourself with a video and a voice recorder.

3. Use your friends or colleagues as a test audience and ask for feedback.

4. Arrive early at the venue, get familiar with the space, test the technology.

5. Mingle with your audience before the event begins, this allows you to create some familiar faces in the audience.

When people stand up in front of an audience, they normally visualise themselves standing there NAKED! But believe it or not, it is this nakedness that connects with the audience…. “I wish I was as brave as the presenter to stand up there in front of all these people and deliver a speech with such passion and honesty…….Respect!!!!”  Remember, they all want to hear your story.

What’s your Story?

The best presentations are structured like good stories. Your story should be particular and peculiar to you, but universal to your audience. A great story should always be about your audience that include words and events that resonate with your audience. Every story has a plot, with a strong beginning that hooks your audience from the very start of your very first sentence. The story should include significant events that are arranged to suit your message and help enhance your message as you tell your story.

No Struggle No Story

Speaking about your past failures, your struggles and weaknesses, and how you turned your failures into feedback, resulting in huge success. Remember you are not performing or pontificating, you are sharing your story with your audience, and when you share honesty and a willingness to be vulnerable, that’s when you really connect with your audience.

From the Inside Out

When you tell someone else’s story, you tell it as you heard it, from the outside in. But! when you share a personal experience, you speak from the inside out, with confidence, passion, excitement, you relive the experience, the highs, the lows, and its this real emotion that will win over every audience.

Your Presentation –

Make it Personal

Make it passionate

Make it Universal to your audience.

Finally, practice some breathing exercises, smile, relax and Enjoy!


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