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Build Your Self-Confidence

 and prepare for Success



Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Self-Confidence…..

What is the common denominator? you guessed it right…..SELF

In order to build your self confidence, you need to work on your self esteem.

Self Esteem is how we value ourselves, how valuable we think we are to our peers and the outside world. Its important to “Know YOUR Value”.

3 Tips to Raise your Self Esteem.

Manage your Mind. Stop listening to your negative inner voice, train yourself to change the negative, critical thinking, into positive helpful feedback. Stay in the Present, speak to yourself in the present and future tense, “I’am, I will, I can! Speak your thoughts out loud so you can hear them with your ears and not in your critical mind.

Just Do It. We strive for perfection, we want perfection, we expect perfection every time. The constant need for perfection holds us back from even trying! “I won’t ask for a raise, because, I reckon I won’t get it, I won’t play the tennis match because I will probably lose…..” If we don’t try we won’t know. Just do it, because “Getting it done is the new Perfection”

Manage your Mistakes. Sometimes we see mistakes as failure, and we fear failure, so we don’t like making mistakes, so we end up not trying, so we won’t make mistakes! But if you analyse the word Mistake, its pronounced, Miss-Take. So what!!!! we missed a “Take” so lets go for a  Re-Take, and if we miss that Take, lets go for another, until we get it right. Each time we miss a Take, we learn from the experience, our knowledge grows, and we begin to feel better about ourselves. So don’t treat a Mistake as Failure, see it as an opportunity to turn the Failure into Feedback for yourself.

So Whats the difference between –  Self Esteem and Self Confidence?

Imagine you received an email at work asking you to present your “Story of Achievement” to your colleagues at the next staff meeting.

How do you react?

“Me !!!!!…. Achievement… what are they talking about, what have I achieved that anyone would be so interested in…..” = Low Self Esteem

“Oh My God!!! how am I going to stand up in front of all the staff and speak to them for 15 minutes, everybody looking at me, judging me……..”= Low Self Confidence

Self Esteem and Self Confidence are different, but they are both needed to work in balance together to allow you to become a Successful Speaker, Presenter, and more importantly a Confident Communicator.

Start working on your Self Esteem, like yourself more, Be Yourself more, stop comparing yourself to others, be present, Believe, Be You.

My next blog will help “Build Self Confidence”….. which “I know” is the title of this blog, but when we talk about self Esteem and self Confidence, unfortunately you can’t have one without the other!!

Alternatively you can contact and enquire about our Assertiveness and Self Confidence workshop.

Until my next blog…… stay safe, stay confident.


by Alan Shortt Sept 2015

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Alan Shortt has been working in radio and television in Ireland for the last twenty years, gaining wide experience from both behind and in front of the camera.

He has worked as a presenter, performer, producer, and is currently a regular Contributor on RTE Radio/TV and BBC Radio Ulster. As a live performer he has also learnt first hand, how to face the fear of standing up to speak in front of a live audience. This is where the concept of Media Skills Ireland was born.

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